Left of November


Show: Erdmann Contemporary, Cape Town

Date: Early May 2009
Featuring works by Dee Donaldson and Bronwen Vaughan-Evans

Left of November

Both Dee Donaldson and Bronwyn Vaughn-Evans’ recent works  reference death or punctuations in life, which are catalysts for remembrance / reflection
and serve as reminders of our physical mortality. Here ‘death’ becomes a
punctuation that allows us a moment of reflection. These works can be seen as snapshots of moments of acceptance of loss, and reflect the process of archiving the details of an event.  The whole never survives and a memory becomes an accumulation of moments. The works of both artists on show consist largely of horizontal panels that allude to repose and have a sense of non linear narrative. The subject matter is a broad reflection on memory and how places and objects hold / retain memories (both physical and emotional).

Deanne Donaldson new works follow an exhibition which attempted (in its simplest form) to deal with personal loss. As with the previous paintings the recent works reflect memories of emotions: intimacies, landscapes (inside/out). Donaldson is interested in the way light is perceived in different emotional states. She is also intrigued by specific sensations of surface, time, place and the oblique associations between mundane reflection and heightened perception (such as one experiences when in grief or shock).

Some of the imagery for these works was captured on a cell phone camera by visual messaging on a daily basis. The result was a visual documentation of specific moments and emotive abstractions, over a period of four months.

Both artists attempt to speak on a universal level about loss and our desperate human attempts to archive love. The works of both artists can be seen as punctuation points at which experience becomes solidified as memory.