For the exhibition, “VELVET”, at the KKnK, March/April 2013.

Artist Statement:

“Nocturne” is a series of ten small paintings. Each is a complete work on its own, but together they form a multi-layered conversation that explores a number of themes.

Nocturnal forays and fantasies have been the stuff of artistic exploration for centuries. What is considered completely taboo during the day, becomes permissible (often permissive) under the cloak of darkness. What seems beautiful and erotic by night, will appear degenerate, even decaying, in the exposure of daylight and all that “light” suggests.

Sexual desirability, in terms of our society, is transient. Once we go beyond our youth- our ripeness – we are considered “past-it”; undesirable. This work attempts to question society’s notion of desirability, by highlighting the progression from youthful sexual vitality to the, often imagined, shame of sexual desire in old age. It also brings to the fore the burden of ripe sexuality; society’s voyeuristic obsession with the young and “sexy” and the martyrdom of our sex symbols at the hands of the popular press.

The work also deals with more personal feelings around aging and sexuality and the middle passage of life, which is so loaded with ambiguity and expectation – false and real.


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