Zero Hour

This is my most recent major work that I made for the exhibition “The End of the World (as we know it)” at artSPACEdurban, November 2011.

Artist Statement:

ZERO HOUR: a decisive point: climacteric, crisis, crossroad (used in plural), exigence, exigency, head, juncture, pass, turning point.
ZERO HOUR: the time at which a planned operation, typically a military one, is set to begin
ZERO HOUR: moment for commencement of plan; beginning of ordeal or crisis
ZERO HOUR: time at which Final Judgment occurs or one’s fate is determined

(Definitions sourced from Oxford English Dictionary, Merriam Webster Dictionary, Roget’s Thesaurus and Dictionary Online)

The process of making this work was a lengthy and convoluted one. In researching the theme: THE END (of the world as we know it), I uncovered a vast body of information, with thousands of perspectives and contradictions. And that’s before getting to grips with what the theme means to me, personally.

I do not wish to decode the meaning of the work in too literal a sense. The making of this work was a process of trying on many images (mundane, serious, humorous, tragic) and re-painting until something fit. There are many versions under this one. The image that you see is the one that finally resonated for me.


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